Colombia Translations


Colombia Translations

We offer services of official certified translations in Colombia. A certified translator is an authorized-by-the-Government person to translate official and non-offical documents from one language to another. There are several types of documents that are required to be translated when submitting an application or carrying out international process, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates or accademic records.

Through a seal and a signature, the translator certifies that the translation is correct and complete, and takes responsibility for what is translated. This way, the translator basically acts like a notary authenticating a document. A certified translator is also authorized to be an official interpreter, translating declarations and  affidavits before a notary or a judge.

Official translations in Colombia require the signature and seal of a translator registered at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, certifying his knowledge in any language. In Colombia, the most common languages that need translations to Spanish from are English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Duthc, Japanese, German and Italian.


Translation and Legalization of Foreign Legal Documents Approval of translated and appostiled documents in Bogota Colombia, and in Embassies located in Bogota Colombia, and Consulates located in Medellin Colombia.