Apostilles in Colombia

Apostilles in Colombia

Apostilles in Colombia

Colombia Translations & Apostilles

We can provide official certified translations and apostilles in the United States and Canada. Along with this, we can supply translated financial reports in English that comply with U.S. accounting standards, making it easier for you to do business in both countries.

Colombian Apostille

The Colombian apostille is required if you are taking documents (such as a birth, death, or marriage certificate) outside of Colombia for official use in another country. The apostille certifies that your documents are officially recognized by the Colombian government, and should therefore be recognized in other countries. We are connected with the more than 800 notaries across Colombia to be able to quickly apostille your documents in as little as 24 hours. We guarantee our service or your money back. Contact us for a quote.

United States Apostille

Likewise, the United States apostille is required in order for other countries, including Colombia, to recognize the authenticity of documents that originate in the U.S.

Failing to take this essential step in document legalize will result in your documents being of no official use outside their country of origin.

Colombia Legal & Accounting can draft a solid Colombian labor contract between you and your employees, as well as help you with the following labor-related services:

  • Colombian Labor Court Disputes
  • Liquidation Negotiation and Payment
  • Human Resources
  • Worker's Rights
  • Colombian Labor Cost Projections
  • Colombian Work Visas for Foreigners

Contact us today for more information or to get started on your Colombian labor contracts.